The Adventures of Johnny Saturday
W. F. Lovelady
Book #1

The Adventures of Johnny Saturday: The Helper

The Adventures of Johnny Saturday: The Helper
by W. F. Lovelady

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Eleven-year-old Johnny Saturday enjoys his weekends. For Johnny, the weekends mean endless imaginary adventures with his collection of action figures and occasional breaks to sketch some of the figures at his bedroom drawing table. Johnny also enjoys the outdoors, spending most of his afternoons playing flag football with neighborhood friends. One particular weekend, Johnny's evening writing adventures and endless imagination would soon change his world.

While searching in his attic, young Saturday comes across a mysterious black journal. This journal—bound with a black leather cover—was left with the inside pages unusually blank. Although this journal seemed ordinary at first, it would soon take Johnny on an adventure of his lifetime. Follow Johnny as he learns the abilities of his magic journal and as he explores mysterious characters and foreign lands. Johnny's magic journal will open new doorways and ultimately prove useful when he must save the day!